If you were charged with DUI, you probably want to learn more about your OC DUI Charges. You have a lot of questions regarding your Orange County DUI Charges, such as: "What Do I Do Now?", "Do I Hire a DUI, Attorney?" If so, "Who Is the Best Orange County DUI Lawyer?" These are all logical questions and are answered in this section.

You will also likely have questions about what constitutes a "DUI Alcohol Charge" or the "DUI Drug Charge" and "What Are the Penalties for DUI in Orange County?" For some, you may also have questions about "DUI Enhancements".

Orange County DUI Charges
About Orange County DUI Charges


Some of you may have questions about the "Court Process" or how the proceedings work. Some of you may wonder whether you will have to go to a "Jury Trial" to get justice and what this entails.

To that end, some of you may want to know about "Police Evidence", and what the Orange County Law Enforcement Agencies collect as part of their "Orange County DUI Investigations". Some of the agencies collect audio, and video evidence as part of an Orange County DUI Investigation and others do not - this website will tell you which agencies make audio and video recordings of the Orange County DUI Investigation and which ones do not.

You may also be interested in learning more about what the government must prove to convict you of a DUI and the burdens of proof that are applied to Jury Trials in Orange County and throughout the State of California, such as the "Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" standard.

This website contains a great deal of information about an Orange County DUI charge; but it is not limited just to the County of Orange, California - it pertains to the entire State of California. This is one of the most up-to-date resources in the area of DUI Law in Orange County, California, and throughout the State of California.


Perhaps you would like to learn more about some of the Orange County Court Services and/or DUI Programs offered by the Court.

One such program is DUI Court, which is a great program offered by the Orange County Courts. But it is often too difficult for a person, especially one who may work a lot or have a lot of engagements, to be able to attend the weekly meetings, group sessions, one-on-one therapy sessions, and a host of other obligations like being subjected to no alcohol in the house even if that alcohol is that of your spouse or roommate. Additionally, you can be subjected to random testing and random searches of your residence to ensure that you are not drinking. While a tremendous program, it is often not a "good fit" for many of our clients who, perhaps like you, just cannot be subjected to such an intensive daily lifestyle program.

But do not fear, there are other options that you can learn about through this website, such as electronic home confinement, which would avoid actual jail and would also permit you to continue working and taking care of your engagements and responsibilities.

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