I would highly recommend Peter to anyone that has been arrested for DUI. It’s a stressful event to go through and Peter does a great job of explaining all the details involved in defending you. I always felt confident I was making the right decisions throughout the process. Peter is an expert in this arena and knows every detail of DUI defense.

In my personal situation I was facing a DUI even though Peter had proved to the DMV that I was under the legal limit and therefore was able to keep my license. The DA would not budge on settling on a lower charge. We were prepared to go to trial and Peter went above and beyond what most lawyers would do. I can say that Peter is dedicated to defending his clients to the fullest extent. The DA at the last minute decided to offer me a lower charge. I had a chance to talk to her about it afterward and she told me that it probably wouldn’t have happened if it were any other lawyer. I came away from this experience with what I feel is a very fair deal and a big respect for Peter and his dedication.