After a bad night that led to a DUI charge, I interviewed approximately 10 legal firms in the OC/LA area. Peter’s was the one which most impressed me. They listened to my tale, and were able to alleviate most of my initial concerns, while giving me solid advice on how to deal with the consequences of the arrest.

Unlike most DUI cases, mine went all the way to trial. While I was impressed with Peter’s knowledge during the pretrial process, it was during the trial that he truly impressed me. It was obvious that he knew his stuff – in terms of technical knowledge, he was right up there with the expert witnesses, and very able at communicating that knowledge to the jury. End result – hung jury, and a reduction of the charge to a reckless driving, a deal which the DA’s office had completely rejected beforehand. I honestly do not believe that many other lawyers would have managed to get a similar result given the facts of my case.

Hiring Peter was possibly the best decision I’ve made in the last several years, given the possible consequences of a DUI. His ability kept my record relatively unblemished, and if, God forbid, I screw up and repeat the error, his would be the first number I would call.