I am anonymously writing this review to enlighten you on the spectacular experience I had while going through a very traumatic time last year.

I unfortunately was arrested for a second DUI while coming home from a Christmas party. I am employed as a healthcare professional and having this conviction on my record would have heavily encroached on my ability to practice due to the proposed ramifications imposed on me by my licensing board. I was referred to Peter, Alan, and Barry from a colleague and felt immediately comforted when I walked in their office (as compared to the prior 2 attorneys I had interviewed).

Peter who is a walking encyclopedia of Law dealing with DUI opened my case with the DMV hearing and through his meticulous review of the police videos, he was quickly able to identify inconsistencies and bias directed towards myself (due to my previous conviction) despite all of the evidence at the scene identified that I was not the driver. He further highlighted these facts during the deposition taken by the arresting officer in a non-threatening manner that made the officer feel comfortable and open to reveal the potential that his judgment may have been incorrect. This set the tone for the entire case that eventually achieved the optimal outcome (an arduous and tedious year long struggle that placed my family and me under significant amount of stress).

I had multiple long conversations with Peter during that time frame and through his candid yet optimistic style of customer service; I was able to cope with confidence that my case was being managed by an expert in his field (allowing me to sleep at night!). These numerous informal meetings were had at various times in the day (many after office hours) to fit my busy schedule. Peter always called on time when an appointment was scheduled to keep my updated with each step of progress as the case evolved. Over the year I was working with Peter, I was witness to the diligence he put forth towards not only my case but managing the collateral damage created by dealing with my licensing board. Peter and his associates were, through a collaborative effort, able to deliver the optimal result in my case.

The one thing I would like to highlight is the fact that when you hire Peter, you are not only employing one attorney, you are hiring an entire team of lawyers who specialize in this specific type of scenario. During the process of dealing with my case, I by chance, came across an article written in the OC Metro rating the top law firms in Orange County and was comforted to see Peter’s firm listed in the top 5 (in no specific order). I, through this challenging experience, can state with confidence, that if you are placed in the uncomfortable situation I was in, you need an attorney that is not only going to treat you like a client, but a unique individual (husband, father, professional, or whatever moniker you wear).

I am indebted to your passion and diligence you have shown to the management of my case during the most trying time of my life that nearly ended my career and marriage. Bad things happen to good people. In challenging times, you need to place your trust in an attorney that is not only an expert but an advocate to your cause. Peter is that individual!

P.S. My case closed in late October and I received a personal message from Peter wishing myself and my family a happy holidays. That is the type of person you get if you select Peter to represent you. Personable, professional, pragmatic!