With the stress of possibly losing my career and maintaining stability due to a SECOND DUI charge in Orange County, I knew I needed someone capable of working a miracle to represent me. After an enormous amount of research, I deemed Peter to be the best in the Orange County/California area. After talking with Peter I felt at ease and confident he could help me. Peter was very personable and easy to talk to. I never hesitated to call him, and he was always willing to answer. He also, kept me updated with any changes. Peter and his members, at Barry T. Simons were very helpful. They were very knowledgeable, and I greatly appreciate all of their hard work they put into my case.

If it were not for Peter and his colleagues, I would not have had the outcome I have now. As I said before, this was my second DUI charge. I also was charged with a refusal. At the time the breathalyzer was not working so they had to take my blood. I am deathly afraid of needles and refused. Peter was able to reduce my DUI to a “Wet and Reckless” and dismiss my refusal. My license was not revoked, restricted, or suspended. To top it all of my case did not even go to trial! I feel extremely lucky to have had Peter representing me. I am very pleased with my decision in choosing Peter to represent me and could not have been more right about him being the best in Orange County. He did a tremendous job and I could not have had a better outcome.