Getting placed under arrest and charged with a DUI is a very confusing and unsettling experience to say the least.

Throughout my entire experience, Peter consistently provided a steady and guiding hand. I think what is most remarkable is that when the criminal portion of case was settled – when most attorneys would disappear – Peter remained available and involved to ensure I had all the information I needed to work through the DMV-mandated suspensions.

My case was particularly challenging because I re-located out of CA and getting licensed in my new state was a truly frustrating and exhaustive process. Through all of it, day or night, Peter made himself and his encyclopedic-knowledge of DUI case law, available to me. He kept me focused on the things I needed to focus on and was a calming and steady presence to the end.

I’m sure throughout my year-plus long interaction with Peter, he had tens of dozens of other clients – maybe more – he was dealing with at any given time, however, he always made me feel like my case was the most important case he was dealing with and that I was his most important client.

I would recommend Peter to anyone who is struggling with a DUI arrest. His level of knowledge of DUI case law along with his high level of professionalism and accountability is unmatched. He’ll get you through it. Thank you Peter!